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Published on: March 12, 2024

Bright, sweet and aromatic hibiscus is more than just a pretty flower: it’s also a beauty and wellness powerhouse that boasts a number of benefits for the skin, hair, heart, kidneys and more. While there are over 300 different types of hibiscus, Hibiscus sabdariffa is the one you’re most likely to find in hibiscus tea, and this particular species is a revered herb in Ayurvedic tradition.

In Ayurveda, hibiscus is believed to have a cooling effect due to its sweet and astringent properties. (This makes it an especially useful ingredient for staying cool during Pitta season!) It is a particularly beneficial herb for Pittas and Kaphas, though Vatas should consume it in moderation. Hibiscus is also traditionally associated with the god Ganesha, known as the “destroyer of all obstacles,” whose energy resides in the lower parts of the body. As such, hibiscus is renowned for its benefits to the reproductive system and kidneys.

The many benefits of hibiscus extend beyond this region of the body, as well. In Ayurveda, hibiscus is also lauded for its anti-aging qualities, its heart-boosting properties and more.



Combats Inflammation

Thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, hibiscus is an effective tool for combating and alleviating inflammation. For example, it is believed to clear up congestion in the lymphatic system and cleanse the blood, leading to healthy circulation. Given that inflammation can lead to more serious conditions like cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease, hibiscus may play a beneficial role in maintaining one’s overall health.

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Boosts Hair Growth

Hibiscus has long been used in Ayurvedic tradition as a hair growth tonic. When applied to the scalp, Vitamin C-rich hibiscus helps to stimulate hair follicles and boost the nutrients and blood transmitted to the hair, which in turn promotes hair growth and prevents premature graying. As a result, there are many natural hair and scalp products that incorporate hibiscus. Our UMA Intensely Nourishing Hair Oil is one of them: harnessing clarifying, strengthening botanicals like hibiscus, grapefruit and Indian gooseberry, this lightweight oil provides essential nourishment, hydration and rejuvenation. If you want to learn more about how to give your scalp a full detox, check out our blog here.


Lowers Blood Pressure

As several studies have demonstrated, hibiscus is also a potent ingredient for lowering both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, thanks to its diuretic and blood-thinning properties. Throughout these studies, participants drank hibiscus tea—as it turns out, such a simple and soothing ritual can have major benefits for our health.

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Promotes Radiant, Clear Skin

Multiple studies have shown that hibiscus contains potent antioxidant properties. This means that hibiscus is a powerful tool for combating free radical damage, which can cause signs of aging like wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, unevenness and more. By fighting free radicals, hibiscus can help promote clear, bright and even skin. Our UMA Ultimate Brightening Rose Powder Cleanser incorporates hibiscus’s anti-aging powers—alongside rose, chamomile and walnut—for a formula that targets dryness and unevenness, resulting in bright, clear and youthful-looking skin.


Boosts Liver Health

As mentioned earlier, Ayurveda states that hibiscus is dominant in the lower parts of the body, including the liver. Our liver plays many important roles in the body, which include regulating the body’s fat storage, pH levels and blood pressure; a healthy liver is key to a healthy life. Several studies have shown that hibiscus can combat the accumulation of liver fat, reduce liver damage and promote overall liver health.

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However, these studies utilize hibiscus extract rather than tea, so more research is needed to see if the everyday consumption of hibiscus tea is just as effectiveAs we can see, hibiscus offers a number of extraordinary benefits on our health, skin, hair and more. To top it off, reaping these benefits can be as simple as drinking hibiscus tea on a regular basis, or using skin and hair products that incorporate hibiscus’s physical rejuvenation and mental rejuvenation powers.