Written By: UMA Editorial Team |

Published on: November 3, 2023

Valentine’s Day is almost here! And we’re not about to disrupt your dreams and fancies with our weekly dose of tips and tricks. So we picked a topic that fits right into your mood board. Yes, right above that red cupcake you’re going to cheat with, and next to those red pumps that you’re going to indulge on (you totally deserve both): Roses!

Here are some incredible facts about the über precious elixir rose oil that will make you the resident office beauty expert and the life of every Valentine’s Day party (okay, maybe some parties!)

How Is It Harvested?

Originally from Central Asia, this rare oil is incredibly difficult to harvest! To begin with, it is a highly labor intensive process just to grow and maintain the rose bed. To produce the highest quality rose oil, roses cannot be raised with any chemicals and pesticides.The rose blooms must be harvested immediately in the morning, then distilled shortly thereafter. Distilled in stills of copper, the rose petals and water are carefully heated for over an hour. Then the water has to be drained and re-distilled.  All of that work and 12,000 rose petals later, a single, 5 ml bottle of rose oil is produced. Wow, talk about high maintenance!

What Are The Benefits of Rose Oil?

You may be wondering, why do the hardworking folks at Uma go through all this work to create rose oil for skin? Do they not have a life (or Valentine’s Day plans)?

Well, it’s because those soft, delicate rose petals actually pack a powerful punch. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, roses naturally hydrate and plump the skin (as opposed to superficially applying moisture to your skin, rose oil stimulates your skin to better retain its own moisture). This makes rose oil a perfect glowing oil for face, with dramatic improvements in fine lines, suppleness and skin health. Can you think of a deeper impact ingredient? Didn’t think so!

Rose oil also has incredible astringent and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness. Overall this leads to a brighter complexion – instantly! Also, rose oil has more than those immediate cosmetic benefits; it actually can act to even out skin texture. A natural remedy for psoriasis and dermatitis (due to its incredible moisture retention properties), it also helps clear up acne scars, stretch marks and blemishes over time.

If that doesn’t have you asking for rose oil instead of roses this Valentine’s Day – we don’t know what else could!

Who Needs It? 

With all these stellar properties, it begs the question, who can’t rose oil work for? It is particularly powerful on maturing skin, as is expected from its skin texture changing properties. Sensitive skin benefits from it significantly not only because of its high antioxidant content and its redness-calming properties, but also because it is extremely well tolerated by the most sensitive of skins. Any of you looking for brighter, more dewy skin? Rose oil is your answer thanks to its repair and hydration properties.

Are you wondering how to use rose oil to achieve brighter skin? The good news about using rose oil, and paying the premium price that comes with it, is that rose oil is so concentrated you only need to use a few drops to get those incredible benefits!

Where Do I Find It?

If you’re interested in using rose oil in your beauty routine, consider making a DIY rose oil to ensure its quality and purity. Rose oil is a precious ingredient, and some high quality products and brands do integrate it in their products. But research is key to ensuring you are getting what you pay for! Many brands list rose oil as an ingredient but use it in quantities too minimal to have results. Another industry wide issue: adulteration. Being so precious, many distributors have financial incentive to cut it with cheaper oils – like geranium essential oil – while the end buyer is none the wiser. Research where your brand buys its ingredients from, or write them an email to find out if the answer isn’t readily available (we, for instance, love emails from you!).

We guarantee that with our expertise as well as our socially conscious and eco-friendly business practices, we are making rose oil with only the highest quality roses. Try some of the Uma products that contain a healthy, hydrating and high quality dose of rose oil – and we think you’ll have a new favorite on that Valentine’s Day wish list every year!