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Published on: November 26, 2023

Before I joined the UMA team, I didn’t know much about the practices and philosophy of Ayurveda, the ancient system of natural medicine that originated in India over 5000 years ago. But I had long believed in some of its central tenets, including a holistic approach to health and a vision of wellness in which the mind and body are intimately connected. I had also tried out a few of its practices before, like tongue scraping, self-massaging, and natural face masks. All-in-all, though, I had been an Ayurveda novice.

As my first deep dive into Ayurvedic practices—and the wellness and beauty products that go with them—I tried out the UMA Ultimate Ayurveda Kit. When I first started using these products, I had just arrived in South Korea, where I would spend the next two weeks in quarantine. It felt like the perfect time to focus on self-reflection and my emotional and physical wellness—and it was. Using UMA’s Ultimate Ayurveda Kit was like an extended practice of self-care through which I could engage with beauty, wellness, and emotional health—often all at the same time.


Given that I would be traveling with the Kit’s contents, I received a slightly altered version, with travel-sized bottles and compact packaging, and without the supplements. But most of the basic contents remain the same: they include a combination of wellness and beauty oils (including face, eye, and body oils), circulation and oral hygiene tools, and face masks.

For those who are similarly new to Ayurveda, the Ultimate Ayurveda Kit is a great way to get introduced to some of its techniques. And for those who are already familiar with this time-tested system of ayurvedic medicine, these products can certainly empower you to continue your practice with ease. Here are some of the products I tried and the practices I found most useful throughout my quarantine—and that will continue to stay with me beyond.


It has always been difficult to maintain skincare or other daily routines on a long flight, given the cramped surroundings, dehydrating cabin conditions, and an air quality that can stimulate unwanted oil production. And in the age of COVID-19, when visits to the bathroom are minimized and masks are only removed when absolutely necessary, that maintenance becomes nearly impossible. So I was left to recuperate from my thirteen-hour flight after I had arrived and settled into my quarantine situation. To my pleasure and surprise, I found all the products I might need to rehydrate and refresh in the Ayurveda Kit.

First, I used the UMA Kansa Wand—alongside some much needed stretches—to restore a sense of balance after the disorienting process of international travel. The Kansa Wand taps into several vital energy points around the face to ease tension and reduce inflammation. By running the wand along points around my neck and chest, I felt a level of concentration that allowed me to relax and center myself.

Then I used the Ultimate Brightening Face Mask to revitalize my skin, which tends to become dried out on flights. The mask was thick, creamy, and smooth to apply, and ingredients like sandalwood and saffron renew and even out complexion. It did react slightly harshly with the parts of my face that can get inflamed during travel, so for those with more sensitive skin, I’d recommend applying with a light hand. However, upon removal it left my skin feeling smoother and more elastic—in other words, it brought back a level of tightness and skin rejuvenation that had faded throughout the flight.

Since I have combination skin, certain areas of my skin also become especially oily on the plane, usually resulting in a couple of blemishes—which are mightily unwelcome guests on any trip. I applied the Deeply Clarifying Blemish Spot Treatment as necessary. Out of everything I tried, this ayurvedic treatment was one of the most mind-altering ones for me, because blemishes that usually have an annoyingly long lifespan significantly reduced in size and redness within a matter of days. Since I tend to break out in the oiliest parts of my skin, I never thought that applying oil to my skin could be a viable solution, and I was amazed by the results of this mixture of tea tree, juniper berry, and clary sage essential oils.

Lastly, I massaged the Pure Rest Wellness Oil into my feet, wrists, neck, and temples in order to promote restful sleep against jet lag. While I had felt ready to pass out without much thought, using the herbaceous-scented oil helped me become relaxed by its aroma and alert and in-tune with my body. My sleep evolved from being something automatic and necessary to something luxurious and intentional.


As I settled into quarantine, I carried out a number of daily Ayurvedic practices that were so simple they became seamlessly incorporated into my morning routine. After waking up, I used a teaspoon of the Pure Detox Oil Pulling TreatmentOil pulling is an Ayurvedic practice that involves swishing oil in the mouth for 10-20 minutes, which pulls out toxins and impurities from the mouth in order to promote balance and better oral hygiene. The first time I tried oil pulling, the sensation and taste of having oil in my mouth was a bit jarring, and I also felt a bit of nausea, which is actually a normal indication that the detox process is effective. My body soon got accustomed to the practice, though, and I usually oil pulled while I took a shower with no problems. While I hadn’t heard of this practice before, it made a visceral difference in my oral hygiene—as I oil pulled, I felt my mouth becoming fresher as toxins became concentrated in the oil (which is why it’s important to spit it out after!).

After oil pulling, I brushed my teeth and used the Pure Palate Tongue Scraper to continue the process of detoxification by further removing the impurities that had accumulated overnight. While I have tongue scraped before, the sturdy copper of UMA’s tongue scraper felt like a more powerful and effective tool. Together, these practices left my mouth feeling noticeably fresher all throughout the day. I’ll definitely continue carrying them out as part of my daily routine.

After getting ready in the morning, I used the Kansa Wand and Lymphatic Detox Dry Brush as a sort of grounding ritual, allowing me to bring my focus to the physical sensations of my body before embarking on the tasks of the day. Through this morning routine, I was always left feeling grounded and energized—both physically and mentally—for the day to come.



I’ve never been someone who follows a rigorous or thorough beauty routine. Instead, I usually opt for a simple cleanser and lotion before applying light foundation, occasional eyeliner, and mascara—in short, nothing extravagant. Part of the reason for that was that I didn’t know much about luxury beauty or face oils to begin with, so getting to experience UMA’s Absolute Anti Aging Face Oil and Absolute Anti Aging Eye Oil was a luxurious treat. Applying both as the last step in my skincare regimen, alongside the Deeply Clarifying Blemish Spot Treatment, I targeted the areas of my face that tend to get dry, like my cheeks, the sides of my nose, and around my eyes. Both oils incorporated smoothly into the skin pretty seamlessly, leaving it with a healthy shine without looking like I had layered anything onto my face. And they definitely kept the drier parts of my face moisturized throughout the day—no re-application necessary. While their moisture was amplified by the humidity of Korea, these oils will be great for when I return to the drier climate of California.


In addition to these new additions to my oral hygiene and skincare routines, I also took moments here and there to treat myself to things like face masks and self-massages. Using the Absolute Anti Aging Body Oil, I massaged areas of my body that tended to be particularly stiff, and using the Intensely Nourishing Hair Oil I massaged the ends of my hair and my scalp. Both oils were luxurious, rich, and hydrating, and the act of massaging and caring for various parts of my body calmed my mind and nerves. I went to sleep after applying the oils and woke up with my body still feeling richly moisturized. My hair, which struggles with dryness and brittleness at the ends, felt noticeably softer.

I also took one evening to try out the Deeply Clarifying Face Mask, which was a luxurious experience. Scented by sweet citrus and herbal tones, this mask was light and creamy, and it firmed up without feeling too stiff or heavy. When I washed it off, my skin immediately felt lifted and energized. It was also extremely soft and smooth—probably the softest a face mask has ever left my skin. What’s more, the next morning my complexion was visibly clearer and rosier. I would definitely use this face mask any time I have impurities or irritation—or any time at all, to be honest.


While routine actions like cleansing your face or brushing your teeth can oftentimes feel perfunctory or automatic, the Ultimate Ayurveda Kit encouraged me to approach my own wellness with mindfulness and care. Thanks to the luxuriousness and beauty of these products, I looked forward to each daily practice of self-care, whether it be oil pulling or self-massaging. And in addition to their luxury, I was wowed by their near-immediate effectiveness: especially with regard to the wellness oils, face masks, and spot treatment, I was surprised and excited to see noticeable results. I especially enjoyed using different wellness oils each night, which instantly boosted my mood, relaxed my muscles, and helped me settle down mentally into sleep.

Wellness oils and my nightly reading

Not only did the Ultimate Ayurveda Kit help me improve my skincare, oral health, and other elements of physical wellbeing, but it also improved my general mental and emotional wellbeing. As is a central Ayurvedic belief, the imbalances of the body impact the condition of the mind. By taking care of my body in a conscientious and mindful manner, I could also relax, combat stress, and center myself in the present. I could approach each day in quarantine feeling renewed, grounded, and focused.

Perhaps most importantly, the incorporation of these Ayurvedic practices allowed me to view self-care as not just an occasional treat, but as something that can make a lasting impact on one’s life through consistent application. And while that self-care is certainly aided by products like wellness oils and balms, many of these practices are accessible to anyone with the patience and willingness to try them out—whether it be through UMA’s $10 Pure Palate Tongue Scraper or through simple DIY face masks.

Ayurveda and comfort

Overall, after using the Ultimate Ayurveda Kit, I learned to love and appreciate the practices of Ayurveda—many of which I will continue practicing as a way to ground, refresh, and revitalize myself every day.

Learn more about the Ultimate Ayurveda Kit here.