Written By: UMA Editorial Team |

Published on: November 4, 2023


Before you hit the snooze button on your alarm clock in the AM, remember that a few extra minutes each morning can rev up your mind and body – for all around wellness, and skin that is radiant from the inside out! Here are a few of our favorite tips to take your 5 am morning routine to the next level, simply and effectively:


De-Puff Your Eyes 

If you suffer from puffy eyes, starting your morning with a five-minute eye mask is a great way to fake the aesthetic effect of a full eight hours of rest! Try making a homemade eye mask at the beginning of each week, and refrigerating it for weeklong use – this will deliver a one-two punch by cutting down on prep time, and ensuring your eye mask will be cool to the touch and soothing to the delicate eye area! One of our favorite DIY eye masks incorporates a mashed banana, two tablespoons of natural yogurt, and one tablespoon of honey. Mix together and store – then apply for five minutes before jumping into the shower each morning. This mask will reduce puffiness and brighten dark circles under the eyes. If a homemade eye mask seems too messy or labor intensive, try popping your favorite jar of eye cream into the fridge for a quick cooling effect in the morning.


Break a Sweat

Incorporating a quick morning workout into your daily routine can be a great way to kick-start a healthy morning routine and learn how to have energy all day. Start your morning off with some serotonin! Even ten minutes of cardio in the morning can have a noticeable effect on your energy level throughout the day – and we all know that nothing leads to glowing skin quite like a bit of sweat! Whether it’s going through your five favorite yoga poses, taking a jog around the block, or practicing a few Pilates exercises, a quick AM workout will increase your blood flow for healthy skin and positive energy overall.


Get Steamy 

It may not be quite as luxurious as the steam room at your gym, but a DIY steam facial is an equally effective way to cleanse your pores. Simply boil four cups of water and reduce to a simmer – then add 2 chamomile tea bags and steep for 5-7 minutes. Remove the bags and add mint leaves to the water – then, hold your cleansed face about 10-12 inches from the bowl, with a towel draped over the back of your head, to prevent heat from escaping. After 15 minutes, remove your face from the steam and apply your favorite face oil or serum for deeper penetration. (via Beauty Bean)



Start your day with a glass of warm water and lemon to help your body rehydrate. Lemon helps purge the body of toxins, which means an added boost for skin clarity. Citrus fruits like lemon and lime can also help regulate your digestive functions, and amp up blood circulation, for glowing skin from the inside out.


Get a Fragrant Boost

We’re all well aware that beauty is more than external – our internal and emotional functions have a lot to do with looking luminous, and there’s nothing quite as attractive as a positive outlook! To boost your mood each morning, try diffusing lemon or rosemary essential oil in your home as you get ready for the day. Lemon oil reduces our levels of norepinephrine, a stress hormone, while rosemary oil has been shown to have an energizing effect. As an added bonus, you’ll smell lovely all day, without the harmful chemicals present in synthetic fragrances. For a dramatically uplifting wellness blend, give our  Gorgeous for Good Wellness Oil a spin! For a deeply moisturizing body oil that is sure to wake up your body and spirit, try our Absolute Anti Aging Body Oil.