Written By: UMA Editorial Team |

Published on: November 15, 2023


Many don’t realize that turmeric has been the choice of “healing” herb for humans for thousands of years! Ayurvedic physicians in India were among the first to use this spice and advocated the use turmeric for its multiple therapeutic properties. The use of turmeric spread to the rest of Asia with time. As researchers dug deep, they found that turmeric is much, much more than just a spice. Luckily, our Deeply Clarifying Face Mask has all the richness of turmeric in a beautifully blended formula. From potent anti-inflammatory properties (thanks to an ingredient called curmurin), to dramatically boosting antioxidant properties in the body (turmeric is very effective at neutralizing free radicals and is believed to multiply the action of the body’s own antioxidant enzymes), DIY Skincare using this miracle spice is going to become the best tool in your beauty arsenal.

Here is why.


Turmeric – for anti-aging and wrinkle prevention!

As we age, we often lose the tightness, elasticity and radiance typical of youthful skin. Direct application of turmeric to the skin can significantly help stem these losses.

Try the following:

Equal quantities of organic turmeric powder and gram (chickpea) flour can be made into a paste by adding milk or rose water. Apply this paste over the face, neck and hands and wait for 30 minutes, allowing it dry. Wash off the paste with water or a wash cloth (final rinse should be with cold water). Applying this paste once a week can have substantial rejuvenating effects on the skin.

The use of turmeric can also keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Take organic turmeric powder, rice powder, milk and tomato juice. Mix them in a bowl to attain a paste like consistency. Apply evenly over the face and neck region, allowing it to dry for 20 minutes. Wash off with water. For wrinkle-free skin, apply the natural face mask once every week.


Turmeric – for clear, blemish-free skin!

Yes, acne and blemishes can be a nightmare. Fortunately, turmeric can help. In a big way!

Turmeric exerts significant antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action over the skin. Take 2 tbsp of clay or sandalwood powder, ½ tsp of organic turmeric powder, a few drops of lemon juice (if you’re sensitive to lemon juice, substitute it with honey or Vitamin C powder) and mix it with water. Apply this evenly over the face for 15 minutes before washing off with lukewarm water. Use this mask daily until the acne subsides, and switch to weekly to keep blemishes from coming back!


Turmeric – for banishing T-zone shine!

Overactive sebaceous glands can cause excess shine and breakouts. This is exacerbated by large pores and other skin blemishes. Counterintuitively, frequent washing of the face with soap is not an advisable solution; skin stripped of its natural oils is only triggered to produce even more oil to try and balance the removal with washing, effectively defeating the purpose.

Turmeric to the rescue! Take a tbsp each of turmeric powder and one (or more!) of the following natural exfoliants: brown sugar, powdered almond, oatmeal or powdered coffee, and mix it with orange juice to make a paste. Apply this to the face, and leave it to dry for 15 minutes before washing off with lukewarm water (final rinse with cold!).


Turmeric – for instantly softening rough, dry skin

Dry skin can often indicate poor skin health and symptoms can include itching, redness of the skin and even sensitivity. Turmeric can help you heal.

Take 1 egg white, 2 drops of olive oil, 2 drops of almond oil, (if your skin can tolerate it) a few drops of fresh lemon juice, a pinch of turmeric powder and mix it with rose water. Apply the paste on the dry areas of your skin, leave it on for 7-10 minutes to dry before washing off with warm water.


Turmeric – for remedying dark circles

Dark circles around the eyes can be hereditary, or caused by mental or physical stress, lack of sleep, improper diet, and even aging or dry skin. Turmeric helps provide nutrients and boost circulation to this gentle eye area, reducing the appearance of dark circles.

Take a pinch of turmeric and mix it well with buttermilk (or yogurt). Apply it around the eyes and over the face, allowing it to dry for 10-20 minutes. Rinse off with cold water. Four continuous days of application should start to fade the appearance of the dark circles under the eyes, and give your face a radiant look!


Turmeric – as a solution for stretch marks

Versatile turmeric can also deal with stretch marks. Get out your organic turmeric powder, some gram flour (or regular flour) and yogurt. Optionally add in some castor, rosehip or carrot seed oil. Mix them together to form a thick paste and apply to stretch marks. Wash off after about 30 minutes. Regular use will help stretch marks fade.


Turmeric – for fading burn scars

Small surface burns happen a lot – an oil splatter, a brush against a hot pan (for any serious burns, please seek medical attention immediately!). The burn marks eventually fade away as the body replaces dead cells, but this may take time. You can accelerate the process naturally by employing two of nature’s finest skin protectors – aloe vera and turmeric. Take aloe vera gel and mix it with turmeric to make a paste of medium consistency. Apply this over the burn marks for ten minutes and wash off. Use this daily until the burn marks start to fade. It also helps in skin rejuvenation.


Turmeric – for reversing sun damage

Always protect yourself from the sun. Always. But when the occasional sun damage happens, turmeric can be the perfect solution. Cucumber juice, aloe vera and turmeric applied on sun-damaged areas can help you rapidly heal. Once the raw has healed – but some signs of sun damage, such as dark spots, remain – add lime or lemon juice to the mix and watch the damage reverse rapidly!


Turmeric – for dealing with unsightly facial hair (that can happen to the best of us!)

Using depilatories solve this hairy problem in the short term, but long term use of chemicals only damages skin. Try the following: mix 1 egg white, ½ tbsp of corn flour, 1 tbsp of brown sugar and a pinch of turmeric. Mix well and apply to areas where facial hair is present. Allow it to dry before pulling off the mask. As the mask comes off, it should help remove the facial hairs and also retard future growth of facial hair overall.