Written By: UMA Editorial Team |

Published on: November 9, 2023

Most of us are equipped with an arsenal of creams, serums, and oils to minimize signs of aging on our face – but what about the other, less obvious, areas of our body that are also quick to display signs of maturing skin? Here, we’ve put together a handy guide to promote healthy, youthful skin – all over your body!


Believe it or not, the delicate skin on the back of your hands can be even more quick to display visible signs of aging than facial skin! The skin on our hardworking hands lacks the fat content of other areas in our body, so even minimal amounts of breakdown in collagen and elastin (due to normal aging, or sun exposure) can have noticeable effects. To prevent your skin from appearing crepe-y and thin, remember that moisture is key! Hands are constantly exposed to drying external factors, ranging from dishwashing detergent to natural sunlight, so make sure to use a rich moisturizer on hands, morning and night. Those that contain natural emollients like shea butter, almond oil, and vitamin E are all strong contenders. Also, don’t neglect your hands when applying SPF each day – UVA and UVB exposure can be responsible for brown spots and wrinkling!


Sagging and wrinkling of the neck area can be a dead giveaway of age, so it’s crucial to treat this delicate area with the same love (and products!) you treat your face with! First and foremost – remember to exfoliate all the way to the top of your chest. Getting read of pesky dead skin is the best way to allow the active ingredients in anti-aging products to penetrate more deeply. Then, be sure to apply anti-aging products that promote collagen and elastin formation – frankincense essential oil and neroli essential oil are excellent choices that also enhance cell regeneration! And, as always – remember to protect your skin from the sun, as the delicate and thin skin of the neck area takes longer to recover from sun damage than other areas.


As the skin loosens with age, elbows and knees can start to look lax – not to mention dry! Be sure to use a rich moisturizer that will penetrate the skin’s moisture barrier – shea butter and coconut oil are good choices, which can be even more effective when combined with a soothing essential oil like chamomile. And as always, don’t forget to exfoliate – dead skin diminishes your skin’s natural glow, and creates a barrier that prevents your skin from absorbing moisture and nutrients! Finally, consider incorporating yoga into your daily routine. Poses that work the quadriceps, like the chair and warrior poses, strengthen your knee joints – as well as the surrounding skin!

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