Written By: UMA Editorial Team |

Published on: November 21, 2023


When people think of luxury, they often think of pleasures and goods only available to an elite few, or accessible only as a once-in-a-while special treat. We often see luxury as a privilege, not a right, and as a gift we should feel grateful to experience. We associate luxury with things as concrete as indulgent textures and sensations, and concepts as broad as time and resources. While the word “luxury” contains a multitude of meanings, implications, and contexts, one connotation remains persistent and clear: luxury is precious and valuable.

At UMA, we agree with several of these definitions of luxury: it’s a precious gift, one that fills us with gratitude and feelings of indulgence, warmth, and pleasure. However, we don’t see luxury as a privilege granted only to an elite few, or as something we should experience only occasionally. For us, the benefits of luxury on the mind, body, and soul should be accessible every day and made an integral part of one’s routine. Our products are designed to be used regularly and to bring long-lasting, potent results to the skin and inner tranquility to the mind. Luxury becomes an essential ritual, one whose benefits we deserve to experience every day.


For us, the experience of luxury is also the experience of self-love, self-care, pleasure, and compassion. In order to promote these values, our products are formulated with centuries-old Ayurvedic knowledge and 100% organic Ayurvedic ingredients grown on the UMA estate in India. Luxury means treating yourself well. By using only the highest quality ingredients and harnessing family expertise that has been perfected throughout the generations, we ensure that our products are of top-notch quality.

Plus, our products not only bring potent beauty and wellness results—they also feel indulgently pleasurable, like an act of self-love. Our face and body oils, for example, are luxuriously rich and glossy in texture without becoming sticky or heavy. Our wellness candles infuse the environment with a combination of uplifting and grounding ingredients, immersing you in lovely feelings of balance and tranquility. Products like our Absolute Essential Self Massage Oil especially emphasize the relationship between luxury and self-care, encouraging a regular self-massage practice that restores the body and hydrates the skin.

Our goal is to encourage you to experience not only the deep pleasure of luxury, but also its necessity. Over time, you’ll begin to experience the profound effects of a regular self-care practice, whether that be glowing skin, a clear complexion, or a deeper sense of grounding and peace. You’ll begin to see how important these luxurious acts of self-care are to your overall well-being, and how easily you can get thrown out of balance if you only practice self-care once in a while (or not at all). UMA promotes luxury skincare for all.

We believe that luxury transforms lives. Once you experience its multitude of benefits, it’s sure to become something you can’t live without.