Written By: UMA Editorial Team |

Published on: November 16, 2023

We have big news at UMA: we’re thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our brand new Pure Love product line! It includes our Pure Love Body BalmPure Love Body ScrubPure Love Perfume Oil, and Pure Love Wellness Candle. Through these products—made with organic, sensuously indulgent, and divinely-scented Ayurvedic ingredients—we wanted to bring you an absorbing and transformative wellness experience that fills you with feelings of love, serenity, and interconnectedness with the self and the world.

Why do we think it’s important to bring the concept of love to the foreground? That’s because according to Ayurvedic wisdom, love is not just a fleeting experience—it is the center of our relationship to ourselves and to the world. Love empowers us to achieve a divine holistic balance between our bodies, minds, and souls. When love flows through us, and when we learn to radically self-love, we radiate an external beauty and elegance whose brilliance can only come from within.

In today’s world, we find ourselves faced with numerous barriers to love; we experience separation, division, and loss rather than connection. As Ayurveda tells us, the path to removing these barriers begins with self-love and self-care, a delicate attunement to our own needs and imbalances. Love mediates between our consciousness and our physical vitality. When we nurture and nourish love within us, we translate our inner happiness into external vibrancy and youth.

Especially given the urgency and necessity of love in today’s divided world, we hope that our Pure Love collection can inspire you to reinvigorate your relationship with love—to learn to love love, love yourself, and love those around you. Such a love-centered approach has a transformative, transcendent effect on the soul, mind, and body.

Be on the lookout for our Pure Love collection, launching soon! We hope you can use it to love yourself as much as we do.