Written By: UMA Editorial Team |

Published on: November 9, 2023

The point of testing cosmetics on animals – especially with all the technology and science we have at our disposal – is frankly lost on us. We can 3-D print a heart valve, but must inject a population of mice with a substance until 50% of them die – to ensure that an eyeshadow ingredient is non-toxic?! (Seriously, that’s the definition of a Lethal Dose 50 test – commonplace in some animal testing.)

Sadly, laws around this topic are archaic. It’s shocking to observe that the United States – along with a majority of countries – has not banned this outdated practice altogether. More shocking? A few countries actually mandate animal testing for all cosmetics sold within the country. (We’re looking at you China). Furthermore, there is little policy around testing practices so many of these experiments are far from humane.

Besides, with a multitude of very safe, highly efficacious ingredients to pick from, why must we dabble in the very many unknowns that come with highly synthetic, chemically-laden products? We agree that results are non-negotiable, but decades of experience has shown us – unequivocally – that they can be achieved without chemicals that cause harm to animals (and risk to our bodies!). The choice you have to make is not between getting results and taking a stand against cruelty by choosing animal-friendly products – it’s about asking yourself why you would choose to support a brand that still tests on animals.

We think the following facts might sway you to choose cruelty free skincare and makeup & sustainable beauty .

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