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Published on: November 8, 2023

Last month, we highlighted 3 of the most common myths surrounding an Ayurvedic Diets & Ayurvedic Food combinations  , only to realize just how many concerns may be preventing people from adopting this lifestyle practice.

Once you fully grasp the principles of Ayurveda, you’ll understand that choosing to follow an Ayurvedic diet & Ayurvedic Nutrition  is not all black and white. You don’t need to be making drastic changes quickly or giving up on your favorite meals entirely to see results from eating clean.

Here are 4 more myths that are not true.

You Need To Have Many Ingredients To Cook Ayurvedic Meals

If you are used to putting together a couple of ingredients and making simple meals, an Ayurvedic diet & Ayurvedic Recipes may seem complex to you from the outside, After all, there’s just so much to consider – herbs, spices, grains, dairy, vegetables, etc., all of which can vary depending on your dosha.

But here’s the real deal – you don’t need to have a lot of fancy ingredients or work with time-consuming recipes. Several Ayurvedic meals are super simple to make and quite effortless. For example, if you like beans, you can make a salad out of them or make a spread to enjoy with toast for breakfast.

ayurvedic herbs

Having a few basic ingredients at home will be more than sufficient to help you prepare healthy meals.


Practicing Ayurveda Means Giving Up On Junk Food

Cravings can be the worst, especially when you have a fitness or health goal to achieve. Be it having processed foods or ordering takeout – the temptation to give in is real. We’ve all faced it from time to time.

And if the fact that you will have to strictly follow a no-junk food diet is what is putting you off Ayurveda, let us explain otherwise. Following an Ayurvedic diet doesn’t mean you forgo eating fast food forever. Or for that matter, drinking coffee or tea. You can very well have cheat days, just like others do. But what’s of utmost importance is how you remedy the ill effects of junk food.

Do you consume herbal teas to enhance the cleansing of impurities? Do you regularly perform yoga to calm your mind and body?

Try to be mindful of how you approach your wellness. It’s not about forbidding yourself from consuming this or that. It’s about preparing a routine that is constantly working to balance your doshas.


It’s Important To Drink A Lot Of Water

This belief often gets twisted out of context. It is important to drink sufficient water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated, as you already know. But drinking a lot of water, way more than your body needs, is never a wise decision.

Firstly, our bodies already contain large reserves of water. Drinking a lot more could make you feel bloated. Water is cooling to the body. And so, it also tends to put out jatharagni, the digestive fire. This is why doctors and dieticians advise you to not drink water before a meal or else you’ll feel full without having consumed proper nutrition.

To know how much water to drink, pay attention to how your body feels.


All Organic Foods Are Good For You

Organic, whole foods are a good choice for nutrition. They do not contain pesticides or other harmful, artificial additives. As such, they result in fewer toxins in your body. But not all organic foods are fit to be consumed. As per Ayurveda, eating freshly cooked food is the most crucial factor.

Even if something is organic, it doesn’t mean that you can preserve it for long. Because in such a case, the food no longer contains the nourishment that your body requires.

Moreover, if they have not been manufactured keeping in mind the guidelines, they are not a superior alternative. So, try to do your research before you pick an organic foods brand.

ayurvedic food



Even if some Ayurvedic dishes are meant for a particular dosha, you can tweak it by replacing ingredients with ones that suit your body type.

With these two blog posts, we hope to have cleared some of your doubts regarding an Ayurvedic diet.

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