Written By: UMA Editorial Team |

Published on: November 19, 2023



The integration of centuries-old Ayurvedic techniques into people’s daily wellness routines results in a unique take on the beauty and wellness industry. Ayurveda’s holistic emphasis on the inseparable connection between one’s body, mind and spirit allows for not only noticeable physical improvements reflected on the skin, hair or felt within the body, but a sense of personal empowerment to one’s spirit. At UMA Oils, wellness is beauty and beauty is wellness. Since Ayurveda is principled upon the goal of having every human realize their full potential, beauty and wellness practices centered around it can bring a profound amount of joy, peace and balance into one’s life. These invaluable personal benefits mixed with the bonus of ethically contributing to the industry of sustainable luxury makes Ayurvedic wellness a revolutionary imperative for the contemporary consumer. Glow from the inside out with these six easily adoptable Ayurvedic lifestyle hacks:


Oil Pulling

Oil pulling has become a trend amongst those looking for a whiter and brighter smile. Ancient Ayurvedic medicine teaches us that using oil mouthwash compared to traditional mouthwash can more effectively detoxify teeth and gums and fight harmful bacteria in the mouth that results in bad breath. Try oil pulling with a mixture of coconut and sesame oil with a hint of peppermint essential oil to leave you with a clean and minty feeling afterwards.


Identify Your Dosha – Skincare

In Ayurveda, there are 3 doshas: Vata (Ether and Air), Pitta (Fire and Water) and Kapha (Earth and Water). People can have one distinct type or a combination of two or three. Identifying your dosha is important because it is your individual constitution. It can help guide you to know what your body needs in order to achieve balance. Your dosha affects your skin type as well which is useful in knowing which products to use. People with a Vata dosha have thin, cold, rough and quick-drying skin. It is important to protect this type of skin from harsh heat, such as hot baths and showers, and the cold as it is sensitive to extreme temperature shifts. Help your Vata skin retain moisture using the UMA Beauty Boosting Day Face Oil. People with a Pitta dosha have smooth, oily, warm, rosy and sensitive skin. This skin type is easily burned so make sure to apply SPF daily. Keep your inflammation at bay by balancing it with UMA’s Total Rejuvenation Night Face Oil. People with a Kapha dosha have thick, oily, cool and smooth skin. This type of skin is susceptible to irritation so try detoxing regularly with UMA’s Deeply Clarifying Face Mask.


Identify Your Dosha – Diet

Since Vata is characteristically rough and cold, a balanced Vata diet focuses on freshly cooked foods that are soft or mushy in texture, rich in protein and fat, seasoned with a variety of spices, and served either warm or hot. Since Pitta is characteristically warm and sensitive, a balanced Pitta diet involves foods that calm pitta by decreasing internal heat and preventing inflammation like water-concentrated fruits and vegetables. Since Kapha is characteristically thick and cool, a balanced Kapha diet focuses on foods that are light, dry, warming and well-spiced.



Learn The Art Of Self-massage

The Ayurvedic self-massage involves oils being rubbed into the body as a way to improve bodily circulation which relieves stress and re-energizes the mind. Do this before your shower and notice visibly nourished and glowing skin when you get out.


Practice Aromatherapy

Balance your senses by centering yourself in the healing powers of essential oils. Aromatherapy can be practiced in a variety of ways from dropping essential oils like lavender into a diffuser for stress-relief bliss or topical application of a massaging oil like UMA’s Pure Energy Wellness Blend into your temples for a spark of life to your nervous system. To meditate using essential oils, try out the alternate nostril breathing technique: apply essential oil or UMA Wellness Blend of choice to your hands, cover one nostril with one hand while you deeply inhale the scents of your free hand in your open nostril, switch sides and experience the physical and mental benefits of aromatherapy!


Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Although the most intuitive way to feel rejuvenated in your mind, body and spirit, getting a good night’s sleep is still a struggle for most. However, the healing properties of a regularly scheduled solid eight hours cannot be overstated like great skin, good immune health and holistic wellness. There are oils and supplements based on Ayurvedic medicine that are available to help aid in maintaining this essential pillar of health like UMA’s Pure Rest Wellness Blend or sesame oil. Along with oils, there are natural remedies that you can find in your kitchen cupboard. Before bed, try drinking a cup of hot milk with honey, turmeric and powdered pistachio. If you are allergic to nuts or do not drink cow’s milk, chamomile tea has equally calming effects.