Written By: UMA Editorial Team |

Published on: February 10, 2024

When it comes to love, it’s natural to focus solely on our relationship status. But on this special day, it’s crucial to remember that love takes many forms in our lives: platonic love, familial love, and perhaps most importantly, self-love. That’s why I encourage you to prioritize yourself and make time for self-care, starting today!

The quote “You spend most of your life inside your head. Make it a nice place to be,” resonates deeply when considering the significance of nurturing our relationship with ourselves. Taking alone time to prioritize our well-being and happiness can be truly transformative. If you’re unsure where to begin or simply seeking fresh ideas, here are some tips for practicing self-love:

Put it in writing:

The first step to carving out self-care or alone time is to schedule it in your calendar. Embracing self-love may be challenging for some, but remember that you don’t have to fully love yourself to treat yourself with kindness. Start with self-acceptance and continue making time for self-care. Stick to your schedule and turn it into a habit. It takes time and effort, so focus on your progress and celebrate even the smallest victories.

Embrace your creativity:

Engaging in crafts is one of the most relaxing forms of self-care. It allows you to express your emotions, focus on a simple task free from daily worries, and create something beautiful. Whether it’s coloring, painting, or even attempting a complex craft found on Pinterest, let your artistic side flourish.

Connect with nature:

When was the last time you took a deep breath outside? Take a moment to go for a walk, whether it’s just ten minutes or an hour. Find solace in a nature trail, your campus, or your neighborhood — wherever you feel most at peace. Listen to the sounds around you, or put on your favorite album and relish in your own company.

Nurture your mind:

Disconnect from technology and indulge in reading a new book, solving a puzzle, or practicing a new skill. These simple activities can help you escape from everyday worries and stress, providing a fresh focus and a renewed sense of purpose.

Banish self-judgment:

 Watch your self-talk carefully! Ask yourself if your thoughts are something you would say to a friend. It’s easy to convince ourselves that we should be doing something else when we’re taking time to recharge. Assess whether your actions benefit you mentally, emotionally, or physically. If the answer is yes, keep going! If not, replace “should” with “could” and prioritize your own needs.

Treat Yourself:

  • Take a moment to unwind and pamper yourself with something special. Whether it’s a soothing spa day, a delectable dessert, or simply some quality me-time, you deserve to indulge in life’s little pleasures.

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Remember, the world is a better place with YOU in it. Show up for yourself every single day because you are truly deserving of love. Wishing you a joyous Valentine’s Day filled with self-appreciation and happiness.