Written By: UMA Editorial Team |

Published on: November 14, 2023

UMA Founder Shrankhla Holecek grew up with a daily practice of Ayurveda – which means she comes armed with lots of little, easy-access and super-quick ways that can keep your skin – and soul – feeling its best! We mine her for her favorite beauty routine to keep skin glowy!


 Top Tip For Smooth, Pore-Free Skin

SH: Exfoliation is the most important thing for maintaining smooth, pore- & blemish-free & acne-free skin. However, many of us tend to over-exfoliate using too-harsh acids or grainy surfactants which can thin skin over time – leading to quicker aging. I recommend gentle but efficacious, regular exfoliation (2-3 times a week) – within Ayurveda we love nut powders, honey, oats.. I also recommend using a soft washcloth (a fresh one every time!) when you can.

UE: We love UMA’s Cleansers & Gommage Exfoliants! UMA’s Ultimate Brightening Rose Powder Cleanser is an ultimate indulgence through its efficacious natural ingredients and very unique sloughing ritual (you leave the paste on your skin for 2 mins, and then slough it off with dry hands instead of washing off) for powerful exfoliation.


 Top Tip For Under Eyes

SH: Boosting circulation around the eye area is very helpful for targeting many eye area concerns such as dark circles and puffiness. I love a gentle massage with ice or ice rollers around the area (also try refrigerated rose water and black tea cotton pads!). Eye exercises can also really help boost circulation and improve muscle tone around the eye area – pick four corners of a wall and move your focus from one to the fourth in clock-wise motion and then reverse. Doing this for about 20 cycles can be hugely helpful!

UE: UMA’s Absolute Anti Aging Eye oil combines botanicals of rosemary and eucalyptus that boost circulation to prevent dark circles & puffiness, with a beautiful base of rose, frankincense and pomegranate that reduce the appearance of wrinkles and boost eye-area suppleness! It is one of the best anti-aging ritual to follow.


 Top Tip For Dry, Flaky Skin

SH: In addition to regular, gentle exfoliation (see above), the most important thing you can do to keep your skin ageless is to keep it adequately hydrated at all times. Due to age or environmental causes (changing seasons, exposure to pollution), your skin’s lipid barrier can get compromised. The outermost layer of our epidermis is mainly composed of lipids responsible for preventing dehydration, retaining moisture and keeping toxins out. Just as our bodies require essential fatty acids to stay healthy, skin needs a thick lipid barrier to look young and glowing. As we age, we produce less of the oils that compose that lipid layer, causing it to become thinner and lose its suppleness. Because oils, specifically essential oils, have a high concentration of oxygen and are of a lipophilic, or fat-loving, nature, they quickly pass through the skin’s lipid barrier, plumping it with active ingredients more effectively, while also preventing water loss.

One of my favorite essential oils for dry skin is the gorgeous, precious Rose essential oil. Extremely active in promoting and retaining skin’s natural moisture, it is very effective in delivering moisture to dry skin. It’s also a tremendously uplifting and mood-boosting aromatherapy aid so it packs a double-punch of impact! (Always dilute essential oils safely in a carrier prior to skin application!)

UE: We love UMA’s Absolute Anti Aging Face Oil for hydrating and nourishing deeply, while also delivering anti-aging actives to the dermis!