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Published on: November 8, 2023

Social media platforms may be a space for self-expression for many. But you can’t deny that they are an effective tool for spreading awareness too!

Be it influencers, celebs or experts in a field – you would have, at some point, relied on the information that these individuals share via their Instagram or Facebook accounts. How else are you going to participate in online fitness challenges or know about the latest fashion trends?

There’s no dearth of knowledge available on Instagram. You can just as easily strike up a conversation with an Ayurvedic practitioner as you can with your family friend.

Speaking of the latter, are you interested in learning more about everyday Ayurveda? We have compiled a list of a few Instagram accounts (apart from our own!) that you should follow to get simple wellness tips at your fingertips.



Who better than a doctor of Ayurveda to help you understand the field? Dr. Varalakshmi Yanamandra is the Director of the Ayur Wellness and Pain Centre in the UK. Her Instagram page has an abundance of in-depth guidance on healing and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Tips. You’ll easily be able to apply these insights in your day to day life.

What we like about Dr. Varalakshmi’s page is that right from the story highlights to the carousel posts, the content she publishes are reader-friendly, well-structured and almost colloquial in tone. So, you don’t need to worry about having a lot of contextual knowledge.

ayurveda page

Some of the aspects of Ayurveda that she dabbles in are doshas, essential oils, dietary ingredients, lifestyle guidelines, etc.



Driven by the need to understand wellness, Nidhi Pandya’s keen interest in Ayurveda developed at a young age. She is the granddaughter of an Ayurvedic healer and has studied Holistic Nutrition from the Global College of Natural Medicine.

We immensely enjoy watching discussion videos and talks with experts. If you do too, you’ll find tons of such IGTV sessions on Nidhi’s Instagram page – they are full of thought-provoking interactions. Cultivating sattva, exercising as an Ayurvedic would, and planetary influences are just a few topics that she has covered in detail.

ayurveda page

Some of her recent posts also shed light on Ayurvedic tips that parents can implement for their kids’ well-being.



Niti Sheth’s journey into Ayurveda began through a study of nutrition. A trip from Australia to South India ushered a new phase in her life, wherein she learnt Ayurveda under the guidance of Dr. Ramdas at Vaidyagrama.

She resides now in England and offers restorative Ayurvedic therapies to people. Her Instagram page will bring you closer to understanding human digestion, Ayurvedic rituals such as abhyanga, jalniti, Oil pulling and other suitable dietary practices, etc.

ayurveda page

The captions on this page are relatively information-heavy. But that shouldn’t deter you from making the most of Niti’s guidance. Moreover, many of her posts are extremely relatable; and we love that personal touch!



Ayurvedic chef and culinary educator, Divya Alter’s wisdom transcends the vibrant posts she uploads on Instagram (we know – we’ve had a lovely chat with her!).

Following her page will help you stay tuned to the many discussions and podcasts that she participates in.

If you are looking to add more depth to your Ayurvedic diet and Ayurvedic Recepies , you would greatly benefit from getting a sneak peek of the recipes that Divya posts about.

ayurveda page



Dr. SiriChand Kaur Khalsa is renowned for her work in Functional Medicine and Ayurveda. She assists people in transitioning to a sustainable lifestyle through plant-based meals. If her Instagram page is not a sign for you to adopt healthier ways of caring for your body & mind, we don’t know what is.

Amidst the soothing tones of her Instagram posts, you’ll find recipe inspiration, tips, DIY wellness practices, quotes, and much more.

ayurveda page



There’s a lot of knowledge available about Ayurveda on these social media platforms. The only thing that you should keep in mind is to research the credibility of the source.

Doctors, certified practitioners, and those who have studied Ayurveda from reputed, reliable institutions are likely to be your best sources for credible Ayurvedic information

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