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Published on: November 28, 2023

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Dhauti is an ancient practice of cleansing the body as part of Hatha Yoga. It is a purification technique that helps to remove excess bile, mucus, and toxins from the stomach and digestive tract. Dhauti consists of six different techniques which include Danda (stem), Vamana (water vomiting), Vastra (cloth), Hrid (heart), Kunjar (elephant trunk) and Vatsara (bellows).

Danda dhauti involves swallowing a cloth and then pulling it out through the mouth. This helps to cleanse the upper digestive tract by removing excess bile and mucus. Vamana dhauti involves drinking a large amount of water followed by vomiting it out in order to cleanse the stomach and intestines. Vastra dhauti involves using a cloth to wipe down the chest and stomach area in order to remove excess kapha dosha or mucus element.

Hrid dhauti consists of three methods which involve cleaning organs related to the heart such as the upper stomach organs. Kunjar dhauti helps to cleanse the food pipe or oesophagus up to the stomach area, providing relief from acidity. Lastly, Vatsara dhauti is a bellows-like action that helps to massage and stimulate digestion in order to improve overall health.