Written By: UMA Editorial Team |

Published on: March 5, 2024

On March 8, 2024, the world will unite to celebrate International Women’s Day under the theme ‘Invest in women: Accelerate progress.’ Join the movement and take a stand by using the hashtag #InvestInWomen. This year’s campaign theme, “Inspire Inclusion,” invites us to reflect on what it truly means to foster diversity and empowerment.


International Women’s Day is an annual global celebration of women’s achievements and a reminder of the ongoing journey towards gender equality. In 2024, the campaign theme, “Inspire Inclusion,” takes center stage, emphasizing the significance of diversity and empowerment in all facets of society.

The theme underscores the pivotal role of inclusion in achieving gender equality. It calls for action to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and create environments where all women are valued and respected. “Inspire Inclusion” encourages everyone to recognize the unique perspectives and contributions of women from all walks of life, including those from marginalized communities.


Deepali Jain

You are in control of your life!

Guided by her first manager, Geetha Rajagopal, Deepali learned the pivotal lesson of seizing opportunities to shape destiny. She emphasizes individual autonomy to define success, be it as a mother, wife, or CEO. Acknowledging mentor Nicky Wakefield, Deepali values aligning choices with life goals, and advocating for support over external perspectives. Her condensed narrative is a beacon of self-empowerment, urging others to embrace personal agency. Influenced by the 2 women: Geetha and Nicky, Deepali’s journey exemplifies transformative recognition of personal control and diverse paths to success, encouraging individuals to craft their narratives with confidence and resilience.

Head of Digital Transformation APAC at The Adecco Group<br>Singapore

“Dare to be extraordinary. No matter how challenging the road ahead is, move forward with conviction and believe in yourself. Don’t underestimate your ability to achieve great things!” 

Runaway Juno

I’m a Solo Traveling Married Woman, Why Not?

In a unique and empowering story, a married woman reflects on her experiences as a solo traveler. Despite societal expectations, she challenges norms by traveling alone while her husband works abroad. The couple embraces freedom in their marriage, emphasizing trust, shared values, and commitment as the foundation of their strong relationship. This story challenges stereotypes and showcases the beauty of unconventional partnerships. 

Shrankhla Holecek

UMA: A Legacy of Integrity and Empowerment

Founder Shrankhla Holecek’s story adds a unique dimension to our celebration. Raised in India with a rich background in Ayurveda and holistic medicine, Shrankhla witnessed misappropriations of her cultural heritage in Beverly Hills. Frustrated, she founded UMA, a skincare line rooted in integrity and tradition.

With UMA, Shrankhla aimed to give women access to powerful, artisanal products that honor her family’s heritage. UMA, named after Shrankhla’s remarkable aunt, celebrates the spirit of every woman. The brand embodies simplicity, integrity, and equilibrium, reflecting true beauty. Shrankhla’s aunt, who never wore makeup, inspired UMA’s commitment to celebrating the inherent beauty within each of us.


As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2024, let’s unite under the banner of “Inspire Inclusion.” Let’s break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and create a world where every woman is valued. Join the movement by using the hashtag #InvestInWomen and share stories of empowerment, diversity, and inclusion. Together, we can accelerate progress and create a more inclusive future for all.