Written By: UMA Editorial Team |

Published on: December 27, 2023

In honor of Mother’s Day, we sat down with our founder Shrankhla to talk about the wellness habits, skin care rituals, and Ayurvedic principles passed down to her as a child in India. Read on for some of the best tips she received from the special women in her life!


The first beauty “rule” I remember was to avoid traditional face washes — only gentle, good-enough-to-eat ingredients were allowed on our faces. Think gram flour, honey, and oats rather than anything that could strip the skin of its natural oils. For a deeper treatment, my mother would create a mask of sandalwood and almond paste, which helped inspire UMA’s collection of masks! I’m always grateful she taught me the importance of preserving the skin’s natural balance — it meant acne-free teenage years – and by and large problem-free skin now. I really have Mom (and her Ayurvedic roots!) to thank!


Like many grandmothers, mine was all about food — specifically, beauty through food. A stickler for purity and freshness – she’d ensure we were always served nutritious meals, laden with “beauty boosting” ingredients – nuts to help our skin glow, ghee for vitality, and fresh home-made yogurt for better hair. My busy schedule today rarely allows me to go the extra mile like she did, but when I do – I know I glow for weeks. (Yes – I realize much of that is probably how I feel – but that’s over 50% of looking good, right?!) 

Aunt Uma (our namesake)

My aunt was very much like a mother to my sister and me, and taught me the value of rituals. Sunday mornings spent sitting around the TV also meant weekly body gommages and haircare (like overnight oil treatments, and clarifying lemon treatments for the scalp). It still warms my heart to think about how Aunt Uma instilled the value of self-care in us in her own special, dedicated way!