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Published on: March 15, 2024

In this article, let’s explore the incredible transformative power of Vaastu in creating a harmonious tapestry of life. We’ll dive into how this ancient practice cultivates serenity, balance, and positive energy. We’ll also discover the key benefits and practical applications of Vaastu to create a serene and harmonious living space.

The Ancient Wisdom of Vaastu

Vaastu is an ancient Indian architectural science that has been practiced for millennia. Its principles revolve around harmonizing the energy of living spaces, promoting balance and positive vibrations. By considering elements such as direction, shape, and alignment, Vaastu optimizes the flow of energy within a space. The ultimate goal is to create an environment that nurtures physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, fostering a harmonious sanctuary for all.

Our Esteemed Vaastu Experts, Namrata Kripallani and Neha Shah, delved into the art of enhancing life through Vaastu. They shared valuable insights on how one can harness the power of Vaastu to enrich their lives.

The principles of Vaastu go beyond our physical living spaces. By integrating its teachings into every aspect of life, we can cultivate a more balanced and harmonious journey. This encompasses the orientation of buildings, arrangement of furniture, selection of colors, and even our daily routines and rituals. By aligning ourselves with the natural energies surrounding us, we tap into an infinite source of positivity and equilibrium in all facets of life.

Incorporating Vaastu into Our Lives:

Key Aspects and Expert Suggestions to Consider


Enhance Your Success at Work:

Namrata Kripallani advises keeping your workspace tidy and facing either East or North when you sit.

Neha Shah reveals that a horse symbolizes strength, power, family, loyalty, and achievements. Hanging a painting of a running horse in your business premises is believed to bring luck and success, especially when starting a new venture or seeking growth. However, there are some precautions to keep in mind while selecting a horse painting:

  • Display horses in odd numbers.
  • Avoid paintings depicting horses in a sad posture.
  • Never hang such a painting in your bedroom.


Enhance Prosperity and Alleviate Financial Troubles

According to Namrata Kripallani, ensure a well-balanced North direction in your house. The North represents your career and new opportunities in life, governed by the water element. Avoid any fire elements in this space. Placing a water fountain here encourages a flow of opportunities in terms of career and money.

Neha Shah advises placing a Kuber Yantra in the northeast corner of your home. Lord Kuber symbolizes affluence and prosperity, and this area is under his rule. One of the most important Vaastu tips for money to keep in mind is to remove all things that accumulate negative energy from the northeast area of your home. This means you should not have toilets, heavy furniture, and shoe racks in your home’s northeast zone.  


For better romantic relationships, and attracting love in your life:

Namrata Kripallani advises hanging a couple’s picture in the North or Northwest of your home to enhance the attraction between partners. To invite love into your life, place a picture or figurine of a pair of Swans in the South West direction of your home. This will help attract the perfect love.

Neha Shah recommends keeping fresh flowers like roses, hibiscus, and lilies in your bedroom and studying as they symbolize love and fertility. Creating a romantic corner in your home with candles and fairy lights can also enhance the ambiance. To attract love, incorporate the color red into your life. This can be through wearing red clothes, using a red phone case, having a red artifact, or even carrying a red handkerchief. The color red is a symbol of love.



For Improved Relationships with others –

such as friends, family members, a child?

Namrata Kripallani proposed that displaying family photos on the wall in the South West fosters a strong connection within the family. Additionally, displaying joyful photos of the family and friends in the North West ensures perpetual support for one another throughout life.

Neha Shah stated:

i. Friends: We all click selfies with friends, right?  But don’t just put it on social media but also make a collage of these pictures and put it on the south corner of your house 

ii. Family members: Money plants can strengthen your family bond. North east direction is good to place the money plant. This will not only help in creating a positive aura and bond with family but also make you financially stronger.

iii. Child: You should spend quality time with your child in the east or northeast direction to improve your bond with them.


In conclusion, the ancient wisdom of Vaastu offers a powerful tool for enhancing our everyday living through balance and serenity. By incorporating its principles into our homes and lives, we can create a harmonious sanctuary that nurtures our well-being and promotes a more balanced journey in life. Let’s embrace the beauty of Vaastu and allow its grace to guide us towards a more fulfilling and tranquil existence. So why wait? Let’s embark on this incredible journey of transformation with Vaastu!