Written By: UMA Editorial Team |

Published on: November 16, 2023

At UMA, we strive to bring an elegant, balanced, and luxurious approach to beauty and wellness—we believe that self-care should be indulgent and pleasurable as well as healthful. In order to produce all-natural products that boost beauty while also bringing balance to the mind and body, we center the centuries-old traditions of Ayurveda. When people think of Ayurveda, they often think of practices like yoga, meditation and self-massage, the concept of doshas, or specific diet guidelines.

But what does Ayurveda mean at UMA?

At UMA, Ayurveda is not just a set of practices or the use of certain Ayurvedic ingredients—it’s a philosophy that permeates the core of our outlook on how we achieve holistic wellness. In Ayurvedic tradition, health results from the balance between body, mind, spirit, and the environment. In order to maintain this holistic balance, it’s crucial to attend to all elements of our experience. We can’t achieve physical beauty without inner tranquility or harmony with our environment, and vice versa.

While many modern beauty products focus on relieving the symptoms of topical problems, our Ayurvedic approach allows us to tackle their root causes. Our products—carefully crafted with time-tested, science-backed Ayurvedic formulas and ingredients—not only work on the level of the skin, but they are also designed to uplift the spirits and promote greater health. That way, our products don’t just bring immediate results—they bring results that make a lasting impact on our internal and external systems.

We achieve this by using revered, 100% organic Ayurvedic ingredients and by drawing on our centuries-old Ayurvedic expertise to craft formulas that provide rich nutrients and deep hydration. The ancestors of Shrankhla, our founder, were Ayurvedic doctors for the Indian royal family, building a wealth of family knowledge whose secrets have been passed down for generations. Additionally, through the abundant farms of the UMA estate, we cultivate our own organic ingredients and essential oils, ensuring we have full control over the quality and efficaciousness of our ingredients. This intentionality and care has secured us a coveted role as a supplier for luxury brands like Tom Ford and Estée Lauder. The results are highly potent and luxurious products that are made with a view to holistic wellness in mind—and the expertise and resources to back them.

At UMA, we believe that the skin, body, and mental health are deeply interconnected, and our Beauty and Wellness product lines work together to deliver real, powerful results for our overall health. We believe elevating the skin means elevating the mind and body, too. And we also believe in empowering our customers to take their health and wellness into their own hands, through our transparency about our ingredients and their sources, and through resources for better understanding Ayurveda, like our Ayurveda glossary, our UMA Elements blog, and our UMA Ultimate Ayurveda Kit. Just as Ayurveda influences every step of our production process and philosophy, we hope it can deeply impact the lives of those who encounter us.