Written By: UMA Editorial Team |

Published on: November 30, 2023

While aging is inevitable, your skin is not necessarily obliged to show it! Our skin has two layers – the inner layer is the epidermis and the dermis is the outer layer, which is primarily made up of collagen and other proteins. Collagen is vital to maintaining the skin’s appearance of elasticity and smoothness; however, different factors contribute to the reduction of collagen production in the skin. Some of these factors include air pollution, toxins, dehydration, unhealthy diets and sun damage. Many of us try to counter this damage (and rightly so) through a shift towards a healthier, more holistic lifestyle. We sometimes may, however, overlook the fact that many of our skincare products may actually be the source of those damaging toxins, and that switching to all-natural and organic skincare products can create the ultimate impact towards achieving that youthful glow.

As a quick reminder – essential oils are concentrated oils, extracted from plants, which contain highly aromatic properties. These oils have long been some of the primary ingredients in much of anti aging skincare as the topical and olfactory use of a variety of essential oils has been found to help treat and prevent signs of aging. Here are some of the best essential oils for helping improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Arguably, the best essential oil for maturing skin is the gorgeous, precious rose essential oil. Extremely active in promoting and retaining skin’s natural moisture, it is very effective in delivering moisture to maturing skin, which can often tend towards dryness. Additionally, rose oil lacks the pesky, pore-clogging buildup that results from synthetic creams. As a consequence, your skin looks naturally plumped, hydrated and radiant. Also, unparalleled astringent action of rose oil is excellent at reducing any signs of redness or skin sensitivity, so you can bare your skin like never before!

For the anti-aging, rejuvenating effects of rose essential oil, UMA recommends:


This oil has unparalleled toning properties, which perfectly enable it to combat wrinkles and fine lines on the forehead, or around the eyes. The proven results of sandalwood essential oil also stem from its ability to reduce inflammation and hyperpigmentation, thereby providing a youthful glow to the skin.

For the nourishing, brightening, and smoothing benefits of sandalwood essential oil, UMA recommends:


Citrus oils can help with the absorption of Vitamin C into your skin, and that is how this oil helps repair and brighten the skin to create a luminous skin tone. Neroli essential oil adds elasticity to the skin, and also reduces the depth of wrinkles and improves the appearance of any scarring on the surface of the dermis.

To reduce scarring and add elasticity using neroli essential oil, UMA recommends:


As a natural astringent, geranium essential oil promotes the appearance of pores to give the skin a smoother surface and appearance. This anti aging oil also enhances natural skin turnover and helps develop the appearance of overall healthy skin by boosting the health of existing cells.

To use geranium essential oil to promote healthy, smooth skin in your lips and eyes, UMA recommends:


This oil is known for its deeply soothing properties, along with antiseptic and disinfectant qualities that help resurface the skin and minimize any imperfections on the skin. The olfactory benefits of frankincense essential oil include the reduction of stress and anger, and the balancing of the body and mind.

To reduce skin imperfections and stress with frankincense essential oil, UMA recommends:


A natural skin-balancer, clary sage essential oil works to promote and control the production of sebum on the skin. This essential oil allows the dermis to obtain the healthiest oil balance from within by obtaining the optimal PH level of the skin. Aromatherapeutic factors include mood lifting abilities as well as aiding to alleviate anxiety.

To reduce oiliness and lift your mood with clary sage essential oil, UMA recommends:


Packed full of essential nutrients, carrot seed essential oil rejuvenates the skin and stimulates skin. It fights off free radicals, helps clean out your pores and also improves the tone of your skin – ultimately helping to achieve an overall glowing appearance.

For the smoothing, glowing effects of carrot seed essential oil, UMA recommends:


The use of essential oils has proven to be pivotal in the prevention of wrinkles, and there are a variety of ways that you can integrate these oils into your daily regimen.

Yes, face oils are all the rage right now, so you might want to get yourself a bottle of these ultimate skin saviors. But don’t forget, you can also try making your face oil at home! Select organic, ethically sourced essential oils and combine your favorites into a 5-10% essential oil – 90-95% carrier oil ratio. As you likely know, essential oils must be diluted in a carrier oil for safe and efficacious application. Don’t know which carrier oil to pick? Our favorite is pomegranate! Pomegranate oil – so powerful as base, and so rich in Vitamins A, K, D, E and antioxidants – that it might as well be an active – is an excellent choice for a carrier oil because of its rapid absorption quotient. Organic pomegranate oil feels and absorbs like a serum, but does everything wonderful (and more!) that a great oil would do.

Another great carrier oil option, especially for blemish-prone skin is grapeseed oil. This oil is a wonderful – if slightly counterintuitive – choice for those of us with oily and/or acne-prone skin, as it actually controls skin’s natural oil producing functions and has excellent anti-inflammatory properties (great for soothing skin that’s already breaking out). It is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, and is also an especially effective way to minimize dark circles under the eyes, when applied daily for a few weeks.

If you’re not quite ready for face oils or to replace your daily moisturizer, you can try adding a few drops of sandalwood, neroli or frankincense essential oil to your moisturizer before mixing and applying. You also have the option of applying any of the moisturizing oils directly as eye serum (after appropriately diluting in a carrier) or including them into your facial wash.