Written By: UMA Editorial Team |

Published on: November 18, 2023

It’s Valentine’s Day and you are getting ready for a night out with your significant other, maybe Happy Hour with the girls, or maybe a movie night by yourself. Either way, it’s a perfect Thursday night for self care and skin care! Go ahead, put your hair up and let’s get this routine going!


UMA Ultimate Brightening Rose Powder Cleanser

For a night out or night in, I like a dewy skin look, so let’s go ahead and grab the UMA Ultimate Brightening Rose Powder Cleanser. Pour about a teaspoon of powder into your palm and add a little water to make a paste and massage into the face in gentle circular motions for 20-30 seconds and rinse with lukewarm water, but if you want a deeper cleanse and greater exfoliation leave the mixture on your face for 30-45 seconds until the paste is semi-dry. Then, massage the skin in circular motion until the paste starts to peel off. (You will notice that it will start to come off the skin in a “thready” texture, taking with it with layers of dirt and dead skin). Continue to gently rub all over until all the cleanser has been removed from the face and then wash any remaining mixture off with cool water.


Ultimate Brightening Rose Toner

Next, we are going to apply some Ultimate Brightening Rose Toner, gently shake the bottle and pour a few drops onto a cotton pad. Rub the cotton pad in a circular motion all over the face for 10-20 seconds. Toner restores your skin’s natural pH balance, shrinks pores, and refreshes skin. I enjoy this toner because it contains natural extracts of papaya which clears out pores and eliminates dirt, grease, and grime. While watermelon and tomato help tone and banish blemishes. Frankincense revitalizes skin and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation while sandalwood boosts the luminosity of your complexion. Rose also acts as a powerful astringent and hydrates the skin creating a beautiful glow.


Ultimate Brightening Face Oil

Instead of a moisturizer, we are going to use the Ultimate Brightening Face Oil. Put 2-3 drops in your palm and gently pat your face in a firm circular motion all over your face, neck and décolletage. This triple-action brightening blend is rich in sandalwood and rose essential oils, which deliver rich hydration for a more luminous & radiant complexion, and is especially effective for those with dry skin. Orange and neroli essential oils, along with frankincense essential oil, diminish visible signs of fatigue and even out skin tone – for visibly radiant skin. This blend is formulated in a pomegranate oil base, to speed up absorption and ensure active botanical ingredients rapidly penetrate the skin.


Absolute Anti Aging Lip Oil

Last but not least, we will use the Absolute Anti Aging Lip Oil, to prep your lips for instant hydration and plumpness for perfect lips!  Avocado oil instantly revitalizes dehydrated, chapped lips, plumping it with nutrition and strength, while Grapeseed oil provides a rush of Vitamin E and moisturizing fatty acids for advanced renewal. Lavender calms, Geranium locks in natural moisture, and Peppermint adds a lovely zing of freshness for that perfect pout! You can wear the oil alone, or under your favorite lipstick!

Now you are ready to begin your makeup routine for your night out! Or grabbing a bowl of popcorn and pressing play on your favorite romcom! Either way your skin is glowing!