Written By: UMA Editorial Team |

Published on: November 22, 2023

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One of the most common beauty concerns facing women today is the effect of aging on our appearance. As our skin ages, its cells regenerate more slowly and thus require more nutrients to keep it hydrated and youthful. It also becomes especially important to treat aging skin with natural, clean ayurvedic ingredients.

Whether it’s wrinkles, dark spots, or dryness, aging processes can be effectively reduced by a host of all-natural ingredients. As dermatologist Robert Anolik, MD, tells goop, “After sunscreen and retinols, my patients in the forty-plus category are encouraged to use antioxidants internally and topically on a routine basis. Good idea to do all we can to reduce free radical damage [from ultraviolet light exposure to our DNA.” Powerful antioxidants for anti-aging include Vitamin C, which reduces the appearance of age spots, and Vitamin A, which increases elasticity and combats fine lines and wrinkles.

In Ayurveda, there are a large number of antioxidant-rich natural anti-aging ingredients that have been revered for centuries for their abilities to hydrate, even, and rejuvenate the skin. Frankincense essential oil improves skin elasticity and tightness, while geranium minimizes redness and brightens the skin. Sandalwood combats inflammation and provides deep hydration and exfoliation and rosehip increases skin elasticity by boosting collagen production. We often incorporate these ingredients into products that target anti-aging for thorough, long-lasting results.

Here are four face oils—packed with these kinds of natural nutrients and antioxidants—that target major anti-aging concerns. All the oils are multi-purpose, so no matter which one you choose, you’ll be sure to see holistic benefits to a wide variety of skin conditions. And, of course, be sure to supplement your routine with sunscreen to best fight off free radical damage.



One of the biggest worries people face surrounding aging processes is the appearance of wrinkles. According to plastic surgeons Goesel Anson, MD, and Scott Wells, MD, wrinkles come from a wide variety of causes, from sun exposure to the loss of skin elasticity to often-repeated facial expressions.

In addition to providing an all-around remedy for aging skin, our Absolute Anti Aging Face Oil is a soothing and efficacious reducer of wrinkles.

The natural astringent properties of frankincense and Juniper berry essential oils tighten and tone sagging skin, while vitamin-rich pomegranate essential oil combats wrinkles by easing inflammation. Furthermore, sandalwood essential oil combats inflammation and hyperpigmentation for an overall appearance of radiance and vitality.

How to use: Gently apply 2-5 drops into the face, neck, and décolletage areas using circular motions every morning and evening after your cleansing ritual.



Throughout years of sun exposure, overactive pigment cells stimulated by UV light lead to the formation of age spots. In addition to our Absolute Anti Aging Face Oil, the balancing formula of our Beauty Boosting Day Face Oil makes for a wonderful counter to age spots and general skin impurities. A lightweight, yet absorbent formula that brightens and evens the skin, this face oil neutralizes free radicals and instantly brightens and evens the skin. Full of antioxidant-rich Vitamin C, orange reduces brown spots and age spots caused by oxidation. In addition, geranium extract minimizes redness for a radiant, smooth complexion. 

How to use: Gently apply 2-5 drops into the face, neck, and décolletage areas using circular motions every morning and evening after your cleansing routine.



Dull skin is another aging concern that has a wide variety of causes, including pollution, insufficient antioxidant intake, stress, dead skin cells, and collagen loss due to aging. This makes it all the more vital to use products that not only tackle problems like oxidative stress, but that also promote relaxation and calm. Our Ultimate Brightening Face Oil, rich in hydrating and soothing ingredients, does both. Sandalwood and rose essential oils promote deep hydration and radiance, while antioxidant-rich orange and neroli essential oils deliver nutrients that reduce age spots and signs of fatigue.

Ingredients like sandalwood and geranium infuse the skin with a healthy, vibrant glow. Furthermore, the calming, luxurious richness of this face oil brings on an instant feeling of relaxation when massaged into the skin.

How to use: Gently apply 3-5 drops into the face, neck, and décolletage areas using circular motions every morning and evening after your cleansing routine.



As we age, our skin tends to become dryer due to accumulated sun damage, slowed cell renewal, and a decrease in natural oil production. Naturally, we all long for soft, hydrated skin, and in addition to the regular application of sunscreen, Vitamins A, C, and other antioxidants are crucial to achieving that. Our powerfully moisturizing Total Rejuvenation Night Face Oil is packed with potent antioxidants that leaves the skin feeling deeply moisturized and brightened by the morning.

Lemon essential oil enhances the natural production of moisture, rose essential oil provides renewing hydration and brightness, and clary sage essential oil balances oil production for an even, radiant complexion.

How to use: Gently apply 2-3 drops into the face, neck, and décolletage areas using circular motions every morning and evening after your cleansing routine.