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Published on: February 20, 2024

This week, our founder, Shrankhla, is in New York! In honor of her visit (and of the many years one of our staffers spent living there) we’re sharing a few of our favorite, must-visit spots in the city that never sleeps.


Jaqueline Kennedy Reservoir in Central Park

This time of year is amazing in Central Park. The flowers are blooming and the weather is finally nice enough to actually enjoy a stroll outside. This reservoir is a favorite running spot for locals—if you go between 7-9a or 6-8p you’ll see a mass of people. The man-made lake is surrounded by a tree-lined path that’s roughly 2 miles long. It’s a peaceful reprieve away from the craziness of the city. (Insider’s hint: The best way to get to the reservoir is via 86th street, on either the East or West side).

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Levain Bakery

If you’re uptown, be sure to enjoy the enormous cookies at this incredible bakery. They’re known for their scone-sized chocolate chip cookies, and are a favorite of locals who will travel all the way from Wall Street just to get a taste. (Insider’s hint: go first thing in the morning to nab one of their blueberry muffins, which few know about since they’re usually gone by 9am).

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SoHo may be the place you’ve heard of to visit for shopping, but Nolita—a nearby neighborhood that borders SoHo— is one of New York’s best spots to walk around. You’ll find the same small, walkable streets as those in the West Village, with far fewer tourists. The food is incredible, boasting local favorites like Mediterranean Balaboosta and Australian Ruby’s Cafe, and the boutique shopping can’t be beat. Be sure to check out McNally & Jackson’s bookstore, a light-filled independent store with an incredible selection of periodicals and magazines—and a wonderful cafe to enjoy all your reading in.

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Speaking of the West Village, this adorable French cafe should be one of the top places to eat at on your list. Their open face sandwiches are a testament to how amazing fresh ingredients prepared simply can make all of the difference in your experience of a dish. Buvette is open all day. (Insider’s tip: The restaurant is packed into very tight quarters, so be prepared to squeeze into tight spots and get cozy with your neighbors.)

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Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg

Originally built in 1901, this Williamsburg waterfront factory was converted into a 70 room hotel in 2012. Guests can stay in several uniquely structured rooms and enjoy eats and drinks at the Reynard or the Ides Bar. The hotel is beautifully designed, with lots of industrial textures and touches that make it a hotspot on the cultural front for Brooklynites and visitors alike. Be sure to check their event calendar since they hosting numerous music, art and cinema events.

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Shen Beauty

Beloved by luxury beauty aficionados, this Brooklyn escape has all the beauty, skincare and makeup needs any New Yorker (or non-New Yorker) could want. The store holds awesome events, including a showcase of green beauty brands. This week they’re featuring one of our favorites from LA, Moon Juice, in honor of Earth Week!

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A self described “Brooklyn Mecca,” lovers of jewelry and seekers of unique gifts flock to this stylish spot. Carrying everything from delicate rings to luxury beauty products to candles and soap dishes, Catbird has something for every style maven.

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