Written By: UMA Editorial Team |

Published on: February 20, 2024

The Uma team calls Beverly Hills home, so we’re no strangers to the neighborhood’s reputation for excess and over-the-top, well, everything. To keep you away from the unrewarding tourist traps, we put together a list of our favorite places to eat, drink, sleep and more. We know Beverly Hills can seem overwhelmingly priced, but we promise these spots are worth spending extra on.



STAY: The Beverly Wilshire

Pretty Woman fans will recognize this classic hotel immediately—it’s been defining luxury in Beverly Hills for decades. This Four Seasons location is blocks from fine dining like Wolfgang Puck’s Spago and steps away from Rodeo Drive. While the Beverly Hills Montage is a more modern rival with creature comforts like courtesy rides in the hotel’s Rolls Royce, our top luxury pick for visitors is still the Beverly Wilshire because of its enduring elegance.

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EAT: La Scala

This Italian restaurant is a neighborhood establishment, and is famous for its “La Scala” chopped salad. The lively atmosphere attracts people from all around Beverly Hills, including celebrities, making it the spot to visit if you’re hoping to glimpse a star in real life. Upscale, yet casual, this restaurant will have something for everyone and is one of significant Beverly Hills attractions.

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Wally’s Beverly Hills

This newcomer on the scene is a great place to get a highly curated selection of wines in a high-end communal environment. Sommelier Matthew will walk you through some very special unique wines, and Carl the head sommelier will be on hand to make things fun with his Irish quips. Wally’s has lots of small eats that pair perfectly with their excellent wines. It can be a great place to either start your evening before you saunter off to restaurants in downtown Beverly Hills, or wine and dine your whole evening away!

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DESSERT: Sprinkles Cupcakes

The cupcake-craze may have passed, but this shop is still a local favorite. Beyond the classic flavors like red velvet and vanilla, they have whimsical limited-run options like bacon and chai latte. And be sure to check out Sprinkles’ hilarious and adorable cupcake atm.

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Every tour will take you down the infamous Rodeo Drive for glimpses to Beverly Hills fashion into well-known designer stores. While we’d never dissuade you from taking in the Pradas and Guccis, you’ll find us one street over on Beverly Drive at our new favorite store, Cos. The brand is H&M’s high-end sister—so you can count on finding trend-driven pieces—and specializes in a minimalist design. It’s a breath of fresh air in an area filled with the extravagant stores Beverly Hills is known for.

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ONE FREE THING: Beverly Hills Farmer’s Market

Here’s a surprise—a totally worthwhile spot that’s completely free of charge. The Beverly Hills farmer’s market, which is held on Sunday afternoon, is perfect for strolling through stalls and perusing local fresh fruits and veggies. And, bonus, you might even see a celebrity or two picking out their groceries for the week.

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