Written By: UMA Editorial Team |

Published on: January 9, 2024

From our team to your family, we’re wishing you all the best this November! A core part of UMA’s company culture is to promote practical mindfulness because we believe looking inward is just as powerful as physical remedies. Today we’re opening up the conversation about our deepest values as a team, and wearing our hearts on our sleeves in celebration of Thanksgiving.


As a young MBA student, I thought that the most important thing for a startup was having a great idea or raising a great round of funding. As a young startup-owner, I know that it’s actually great people. In a year of many firsts and many blessings for UMA, I’m most grateful for the people that comprise our ecosystem. Our small team has accomplished many big things through incredible work ethic and heartening devotion, and I cannot thank them enough for consistently putting the company and our customers before themselves. Speaking of customers, trite as this may sound, a young company could not have asked for more engaged, more supportive – even more forgiving – customers than ours! I’m so grateful that my fears about lack of a marketing budget have been completely put to rest by the incredible word of mouth testimonials we have received. Finally, I’m thankful for my family – much more than I would be any given year. My family estate painstakingly keeps up with our ever growing and ever exacting demands for the best ingredients, and my husband has shown a superhuman understanding of my crazy schedule (which often involves loud phone calls with the India team in the middle of the night!)


Year after year my family and friends race to the forefront of my mind when I think about what I am most thankful for. I am incredibly fortunate to be part of an uplifting and high spirited family which I take for granted far too often. Even as my family grows, I am blown away by the friendly additions and their ability to make me feel so loved. Nothing is more important to me than building relationships with relatives who are wholeheartedly interested in my best being. I owe so much to those family members who have challenged and guided me. My friends are a massively important part of my life as well. I am so grateful for both the long talks about life to the quick texts that brighten my day. My friendships are what truly ground me and make me feel like maybe everything will actually be okay. I will forever be thankful for the education and validation the people in my life have provided.  


I’m most humbled by the gift and bounties of nature. The cool breeze, clean crisp water, luscious green trees, beautiful blossoming flowers, clear night skies, sweet summer fruit, cool morning dew, and all the precious creatures that inhabit our magnificent planet. The world is truly built on randomness and I feel so incredibly lucky to live in an outcome where I have had all of my basic needs met. I’m thankful for being allowed the luxury to learn and grow in a world that can be unforgiving for so many. I’m indebted to all the sacrifices that have been made from generation to generation that have provided the foundation for the spectacular opportunities we have today.


My greatest value in life is freedom, and I feel so fortunate to have the privilege to live in accordance with that value each day. Every moment presents a new opportunity to learn and discover, to explore and grow, and to design the life I want to lead. Without my family, none of this would be possible and I send out my sincerest gratitude to them today and every day. I am beyond thankful for all the incredible people in my life that make it one truly worth living.