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Published on: November 29, 2023


Namrataa Kripallani is the founder of NAMA-New Age Magic and is based in Pune, India. She is a certified Mahavastu Consultant, where she supports people to uplift the spatial energies of their home or office based on an ancient Vedic science. Also as a certified Psych-K facilitator she helps people reprogram their subconscious mind to imbibe empowering beliefs and overcome fears and trauma. Prior to this, she has been a successful pâtissier and sold her business in 2020 to pursue her passion for guiding people towards a more happier, grounded and successful life.


1. What are the origins of Vaastu?


Vastu Shastra, also known as the science of architecture and design, originated in ancient India. Its roots can be traced back to the Vedic period, which dates back thousands of years. The knowledge and principles of Vastu Shastra are believed to have been derived from the ancient texts known as the Vedas. Rigveda and Atharvaveda, contain references to the planning and construction of sacred spaces such as temples and altars. The early development of Vastu Shastra can also be attributed to the contributions of ancient sages and scholars.  Vishwakarma Prakash and Brihat Samta are two such ancient texts which provide detailed principles and guidelines for architectural design, town planning, and construction.


2. Can you give us a brief overview of the scope of Vaastu as a science, like its central practices, purposes, and goals?


What we see, think and feel in an environment has a large impact on us and the way we live our day-to-day life. The scope of Vastu Shastra extends beyond mere architectural guidelines and touches upon the holistic well-being of individuals within their living and working spaces. It considers factors such as the position of the sun, moon, and other planets, as well as the magnetic field of the Earth

Science tells us that morning sunlight helps regulate our circadian rhythm and stimulates the production of serotonin, a hormone that promotes a positive mood. It also provides vitamin D, which is essential for bone health and supports the immune system. Hence Vastu Shastra says to keep the east open at home or a workspace as sunlight in the morning coming into your space has several beneficial effects on our bodies and overall well-being.

If we deep dive into anything mentioned in The Vedas, we will realise that everything has a deep meaning and a scientific explanation to it.

Vastu Shastra recognizes the significance of the five elements – earth, water, fire, air, and space – and their presence and balance in a building. The proper integration of these elements is believed to enhance positive energies and well-being. Vastu focuses on the flow of energy within a space. The purpose of Vastu Shastra is to achieve the free movement of positive energy and aims to minimize obstructions or negative influences that may hinder the energy flow.

The primary goal of Vastu Shastra is to create living and working environments that promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It seeks to enhance the quality of life, promote prosperity, and foster a harmonious connection between individuals and their surroundings


3. What is the most profound thing about Vaastu to you? What are some of the areas you’ve seen it have the most impact?  Where does Vaastu “shine” in your opinion?


The most profound thing about Vaastu is that it transcends individual belief and one can deliver accurate readings about the experiences, challenges and areas of success from studying the energy zones of the home or office. If I can tell you what problems you would be facing in life by studying the layout and interiors of your house, then one would have to submit themselves to the workings of this energy science.

Through my study, I have been most astonished by the fact that one could explain the mindset and modus operandi of a city by looking at its layout. For example… People in linear cities like New York, London & Mumbai, may have a mindset that aligns with the fast-paced urban lifestyle, focusing on individual goals, and embracing modernity and technological advancements. People in circular cities like Rome or Paris, have a mindset that appreciates a sense of community, connectivity, and a more relaxed pace of life.

However, Vastu Shastra primarily focuses on creating harmony and balance in living spaces, regardless of the city’s layout or the mindset of its residents. So it’s fascinating, how you can use Vastu principles to make a change in your home or office environment for the results you are looking for, in order to fulfil your goals.

In terms of impact, people derive results in whichever aspect they invest their attention, do all the remedies and even work on themselves. Vaastu remedies are a phenomenal support to one’s life but we must also acknowledge the need for personal transformation in tandem with external remedies. Some of the most common life fixes people look for are, relationships, liquidity, new opportunities and health.


4. How do you work with people during a Vaastu consultations


I have an initial discussion with the client to understand their needs, goals, and specific concerns related to their living or working space. This may include discussions about the layout, orientation, and existing issues they are facing.

I visit the client’s site or analyse only the floor plan (if a visit is not possible). I get the compass reading at the site myself or from the client. This allows me to assess the physical aspects of the space, such as its direction, layout, entrances, and room placements.

Based on my assessment, I provide recommendations and solutions to improve the Vaastu aspects of the space without making any structural changes. These include the use of different colours, Metals and 3d objects to be placed around the space. The remedies are done in 2 phases.

In Phase 1, we balance the 5 elements in the space.

Phase 2 is all about a specific goal the client wants to achieve. For example… A son or the daughter of the house is of age and is not finding a suitable match or the marriage is getting delayed for no known reason.

It could also be that someone has a business and they want to attract an international clientele. Then after one month of balancing, we do specific remedies for specific issues.

I also suggest getting Astro – Vastu to be done in certain cases, where the client is looking for very specific issues to be solved. This includes the sharing of their astrological charts with me so we can give remedies specific to them depending on their planetary positions. 


5. What has been your (own) most positive experience with Vaastu? What has been the most positive experience you’ve had with a consultation or a client?


Vaastu did what I can only describe as magic for me. I ran and owned one of the best Patisseries in Pune, Maharashtra. I wanted to sell my business and move on to a spiritual path. I had been struggling to sell it for almost 2 years even though it had become a well-known brand in the city. I always knew about Vaastu but wasn’t a professional at that time. So I got a full Vaastu study done from an expert and did all the balancing required for the free flow of the energy. Within a few months I not only had 4-5 buyers in line but also sold my business at my intended valuation. That’s when I decided that I wanted to learn this more deeply and help others achieve their dream life by uplifting their spatial energies.

One of my most positive experiences in Vastu was with a client who was neck-deep in debt. He didn’t have enough work coming in even though he was excellent at his job. People would mostly get their work done free from him. When I did a full study of the energies of the house, I realised a few imbalances and some of them especially related to debt creation. We balanced them all and within 8 months he was totally debt free and now has more work than he can handle.


6. How soon can one expect results in one’s life after making Vaastu-related changes?


The extent of the Vastu imbalance in your living or working space can influence the time it takes to see results. If the Vaastu issues are significant, it may take longer to experience noticeable changes.

The type of Vastu changes you make can also impact the timeframe for results. Some changes, such as rearranging furniture or adding specific elements, may bring quicker results compared to more significant modifications like the use of  metal for balancing

All in all the changes start showing in 21 days or a month and show more strongly as time passes by. You see good results within 3 months

Your own mindset, intention, and effort in aligning with positive energies can influence the speed of results.


7. Some people dismiss Vaastu as junk science. What do you have to say to the sceptics about the value it can add to one’s life?


To a sceptic, I would say: “While scepticism is understandable, it’s worth considering that Vastu Shastra has a rich history and has provided benefits to many individuals over time. Exploring and experimenting with Vaastu principles in your own living or working space can be an opportunity to witness first-hand the potential positive effects it can have on your environment and well-being. Keep an open mind, observe the changes, and draw your conclusions based on your own experiences.”

Skeptics are the best clients to have. If they try Vaastu and see the benefit in what they achieve out of it, they become your best testimonial client!


8. Can you share with us some starting tips to enhance life using Vaastu?


  • For improved success at work: Keep your working desk free from clutter and make sure you face East or North when you sit
  • For enhanced prosperity and alleviation of financial troubles: Make sure the North direction of your house is well balanced. North is governed by the water element which represents your career and new opportunities in life. Make sure there is no fire element in this space. A water fountain placed here makes sure that there is a flow of opportunities in your life in terms of career and money.
  • For better romantic relationships, and attracting love in your life :
    For a better romantic relationship, a couple can hang their picture in the North or Northwest of the home. This increases the attraction between them.To attract love in your life, you can keep a picture or a figurines of a pair of Swans in the South West direction of the home. This will help in attracting the perfect love in your life.
  • For improved relationships with others – such as friends, family members, a child? : Family pictures on the wall in the South West create a bonding between family. Happy pictures of the family and friends can be hung in the North West, this makes sure they always support each other in life.


9. There are many starting guidelines for Vaastu (placement of plants, types of plants, mirrors and so forth), what are your top 3-5 tips that work for everyone? What are some of the reasons behind these choices?


Here are a few guidelines and common tips that everyone can benefit from :

  •  Bramhasthan: (centre of the house)This is the centre point of any space where the energy originates from and spreads all over the living space. Keep the centre of the house empty and light. This ensures a positive energy flow in the house all over.
  • North: Place a water element like a fountain in the North direction of the house. This ensures flow of prosperity in the house. This is a good place to put a mirror.
  • East: Make sure the east is open and has a lot of tall plants. This ensures a good connection with the outside world and makes sure you have good social associations in life.
  • South: This direction is governed by fire. Make sure it’s clear of any water elements. Southeast is the ideal place for a kitchen. If you don’t have a kitchen here, make sure you light a candle or a diya here for at least a couple of hours a day, to balance the fire element.
  • North East: Make sure that the North East direction of the house is clean as this represents clarity of mind. This is the ideal place for placing an altar with all the Gods that you worship.

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