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Published on: November 21, 2023

When we consider the aesthetic signs of aging we—by default—think of the face: The fine lines around the eyes, a lackluster complexion, sun damaged cheeks. But what about the delicate region just south of the visage? The neck and décolleté present many visible signs of aging—and for some, even more so.

Due to skin thinning and sun damage, the neck and décolleté area is susceptible to sagging and crepey skin, says Koko Hayashi, founder of Koko Face Yoga. The skin covering this area is naturally thinner than the skin on the face, which means it may reveal signs of aging more quickly. Add to that the modern day posture of constantly craning over our computers, phones, and smart devices and the neck, chest, and décolleté can present as wrinkled, sagging, and even spotted.

Caring for this vulnerable region calls for a bespoke approach. It starts with a nutrient dense serum that addresses the unique needs of neck, chest, and décolleté skin—which is how UMA Flawlessly Firming Neck, Chest & Décolletage Serum was born. Formulated to provide targeted nutrition to this sensitive area it contains frankincense and tamanu, which work in tandem to help reduce the appearance of unevenness and age spots. A nourishing and antioxidant-rich base of moringa and pomegranate oils provides deep and fast-absorbing moisture, preventing the appearance of premature signs of aging. This serum also provides a sensual moment of self care with its exotic aromas of botanicals like jasmine, sandalwood, and geranium.

Yoga exercises are also a powerful way to maintain the integrity and health of the neck, chest, and and décolleté skin, says Koko. She has been practicing targeted yoga for the face and décolleté for more than a decade, having first learned it in her native Japan. Since, Koko has built a coveted following for her unique wellness practice of expressive movements lauded for their ability— with proper and consistent practice—to give the skin a more lifted and toned appearance. (The results from a 2018 study show that targeted facial exercises sustained over a period of time resulted in the appearance of fuller cheeks and a more youthful look.)

Below Koko gives us an exercise to target and tone the neck, chest, and décolleté. Combining this daily movement neck exercises with a nourishing serum makes for a healthy protocol for self care and self reflection.


Firstly, it’s paramount to maintain good body posture, says Koko, and good tongue posture “because the tongue is another big muscle which is connected to neck, décolleté, and chest.” (She describes how to maintain good tongue posture in her exclusive video.) 

Next, suck the tongue up to the pallet till you show vertical lines on the neck. Count to three and release. This is one set. Do not move any other muscles. You want to solely focus on the tongue and neck areas. It is highly recommended to practice in front of the mirror to make sure that other muscles are not moving. (You can see a video example here.)

Start with one set a day. If you can continue on a regular basis extend up to five sets a day. Consistency is the key for success.

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To learn more about Koko Face Yoga, visit kokofaceyoga.com and their new app.