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Published on: November 3, 2023

Calm with UMA

The advent of planes, trains, and automobiles came with a diverse and exciting new world – and the modern stressors to accompany it. Our Pure Calm Wellness Oil offers holistic wellness solutions by utilizing the distillation of powerfully soothing botanicals and ancient Ayurvedic wisdom. It also carries distant memories of an era when life moved at a slower, more tranquil, pace. Pure Calm has been one of our best selling Wellness Oils and is a crowd favorite at the UMA Offices, so we wanted to share with you our top 7 ways to use UMA’s Pure Calm! From easing the stress of traveling to combating public speaking jitters, Pure Calm offers a refreshing and much-needed solution to the diverse needs of our modern lives.


Foam Rolling for Better Sleep

Lauren Roxburgh incorporates Ayurvedic wellness principles in her step-by-step video on Goop’s sleep sequence that truly is the secret to a good night’s rest. This sleep sequence combined with UMA’s Pure Calm is the perfect duo to calm your nerves and get yourself ready for an evening of ultimate rest. She ends her practice by performing a wellness ritual on herself followed by her daily meditation and gratitude practices to ground herself. Click here to watch the full video.

better sleep


Before Your Big (Zoom) Meeting

It is quite standard to feel like you have a case of the nerves before a big meeting, job interview or any such milestone in your academic or professional career. Pure Calm, with its calming aromatherapy properties, is your best friend in these of situations, it alleviates feelings of stress by promoting tranquility from within and gives you the sense of calm you need to reboot your confidence levels.



Easing Social Anxiety 

There are several herbal remedies for anxiety which can be very helpful for individuals who suffer from social anxiety during everyday interactions.  Especially situations where you have to meet your significant other’s family members for the first time or spend the day with your in-laws. Even being in a room full of your colleagues in a social setting can be very nerve racking, and for times like these – UMA’s Pure Calm will be your trusted ally! Our travel size can fit seamlessly in your pocket or your elegant clutch – whatever the occasion. What’s a better accessory than overcoming your social anxiety?




We all have that one friend who is an expert at gifts – with UMA’s Pure Calm, YOU can be that friend. Great for your favorite girl friend who struggles with anxiety or has something stressful going on in her life, or the perfect present for your niece in college who has a big test coming up that she is stressing over. Everyone loves a present that helps them stay calm and stress free.



As a Diffuser

Diffusers are a great addition to most spaces and can be incorporated as self-care practices – whether it’s an office, bedroom, meditation space – they even look great by your bath tub. Diffusers help experience your essential oils through your olfactory system, and enhance the relaxation experience.

Diffusers can be a useful tool for those practicing mental relaxation techniques, such as meditation, deep breathing exercises, or mindfulness, as they can create a soothing environment to aid in the relaxation process.
Add Pure Calm to your diffuser for these incredible benefits:
– Alleviates tension
– Promotes muscle relaxation and reduces feelings of stress
– Helps combat daily stressors to assist in mental unwinding

Bonus Points: It comes in a beautiful bottle and smells divine.



As a Perfume

One of our favorite parts about the Pure Calm is its divine scent. For days when you feel like skipping your perfume, our Pure Calm is a great replacement. The great thing about using essential oils as a perfume is that they tend to last longer and they seep into your skin a lot better and quicker than most perfumes do.



While Traveling

Aerophobia, and travel phobia in general, is a real thing – especially right now. Especially if you frequent India from Los Angeles like our team does, it can result in 21+ hours of anxiety and pure discomfort. Pure Calm Wellness Oil is the perfect combination of Chamomile, Vetiver and Lavender essential oil that enhances feelings of relaxation and calm making those long travels a lot more bearable. A great practice is to perform our wellness ritual prior to takeoff to alleviate any anxious feelings. P.S., Vogue loves this ritual!

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