Written By: UMA Editorial Team |

Published on: November 16, 2023

This week our founder, Shrankhla, is traveling through Europe on a well-deserved vacation. As the ultimate travel pro on our team (she spent 5 years working as a management consultant, after all), we took this opportunity to ask her for her battle-tested tips and tricks when preparing for a long trip. From her must-have beauty products to how she beats jet lag, here’s your guide to acing summer travel and always looking like #youwokeuplikethis.

1. What beauty essentials are always in your carry on?

My travel beauty ritual is all about keeping pores clean and breathing, while moisturizing adequately against that horribly dehydrating plane air! So there’s always a rose-water spritzer in my travel bag, and even though Ultimate Brightening is usually my go-to face oil, for travel I always switch to Deeply Clarifying which does wonders in helping keep my skin balanced and healthy. I also have a travel size of our hair oil along with a root stimulating brush. I recently discovered Henné lip balm which I love and lather on during flights. I also use a family recipe for eye oil that I apply generously before trying to catch shut eye.

2. What are your tips for eating healthy on-the-go? 

I travel to Asia a lot and this one’s difficult as I almost feel like my options are more limited as a vegetarian (harder to establish the germiness of uncooked salads and veggies!) but I’ll seek out legitimate eateries serving these wherever I can. I do end up packing a few nut or protein bars despite my reservations about the processed content as it feels like the lesser of two evils. I stick with fruits that peel. If I’m not on a business meal, I will eat very simply—brown rice and cooked veggies type of thing, which helps balance the excess of longer meals or the occasional binge on “cake for breakfast” when traveling!

On flights, I try to hydrate a lot and cut back on my wine intake. I’ll typically grab a banana and unsweetened yogurt to have on me if I’m really craving something sweet on the plane. I also try to load up on green tea on flights for the antioxidant benefits.

3. You often have a pretty packed schedule when you travel—how do you make the most of your time/still take in the sites?

I try to walk between appointments! I’ve found that this is the best way to discover a city. Also, traveling for me is a lot about trying new restaurants so I will try to set up business meetings over lunch or coffee at a place I’ve been dying to check out. Plus, I almost deliberately pack light so I’ve an excuse to go buy the few missing items—a hat, a sun dress, something warm—when I arrive so I can explore the local shopping scene.

4. Traveling from LA to India to London to New York in a matter of weeks must cause some incredible jet lag. Any pro tips on how to handle it?

In my experience the only way to deal with jet lag is to take it head on. I do my best not to nap in the day or sleep before it’s the ‘proper’ time in the city I’m in. I’ll also try to do a later afternoon workout which usually wakes me up and takes me through that terrible afternoon lull. Green tea helps as well. Finally, this is when I’m most reliant on our wellness oils—I use copious amounts of Pure Energy and Pure Rest while traveling!

5. Any accessories/clothing you absolutely must-have on every trip?

I always carry black shoes and a black dress, as well as a really bright scarf on all my travels. Even when I’ve planned my entire wardrobe without them—I always find myself using these and feeling grateful that I packed these. Plus bright lipstick. That can (almost) always fake a cheery look!

6. Since you often have to book travel last minute are there any tricks you have for finding good accommodations, etc.?

Surprisingly, mileage airplane tickets are most readily available last minute and I end up using that option with a lot of success. For hotels, I keep criteria limited (to location and “cleanliness”) and just Kayak or Hotel Tonight it. I usually end up with something that I’m happy with!

7. If you had to pick a favorite travel destination what would it be?

Cliched, but Italy. My husband and I honeymooned there and feel fortunate to have gone back a few times to see other parts, or explore some of the originals more. It’s hard to articulate how a place can have such a significant bearing on your frame of mind and spirit—but somehow Italy does. And oh, they make my favorite wine in the world (Brunello di Montalcino). I’d go there just for that!